Haldirams Rasmalai is a well-known milk-based dessert of India. This dessert is rich in its texture. It will melt in your mouth. To like Rasmalai, remove the sugar syrup from the can, and transfer the rasmalai to a bowl of sugared, chilled milk. Garnish with almonds, pistachios and additional dry fruits. Serve cold.

Rasmalai is a Bengali dessert which is very popular for its juicy and creamy texture and delicious taste. The subtle taste of rasmalai is a feast for your taste buds. Rasmalai is a dairy product and a pinch of saffron makes it taste even more heavenly. Apart from this, the dry fruits added to this make it taste even more delicious. But unfortunately, it is really difficult to prepare rasmalai at home with that authentic taste and flavours. We, at Bigbasket, always focus on what our customer needs and demands so here we also have made available a wide range of desserts to sweeten their lives. Rasmalai is loved almost by all the Indian households. It never fails to amaze us with its soft texture and fantastic flavours. You can easily buy rasmalai online from our website. We always deliver fresh product at your doorstep. You can purchase haldiram rasmalai online from our site, Bigbasket, which is the most trusted brand among the customers. The taste of Haldirams rasmalai is so mesmerizing that it is very easily found in any of the Indian households on every auspicious occasion. It has gained public support and appreciation for many years. This is another reason for the assured best quality of this product. Haldiram rasmalai contains the perfect proportions of ingredients which make it perfectly tasty. The price of 1kg tin Haldiram rasmalai is rupees 170 and it is in high demand among the masses. It comes in a properly packed steel tin and is closed with a lid. The air right lid prevents the product present inside from falling out. It is prepared from the best quality dairy products. The haldiram rasmalai price is also very affordable and the dessert is awesome on taste. Everybody craves to have something sweet after a meal in the afternoon or obviously after dinner. Haldiram rasmalai is the best choice for those type of cravings. In this era of the digital world, it is very easy to purchase the most suitable products for yourself under the roof of your own house. Buy haldiram rasmalai 1kg online only from our website, Bigbasket. You can easily purchase any of your favourite products from our site which provide the top quality products at the best affordable prices. So, grab your favourite pack of dessert and make a happy time with your family sweeter with Haldirams rasmalai which is very light on your pocket and is full of taste and love.