INDIA's Leading Export Company
Real India Foods are one of the INDIA's leading exporters of FOOD and FMCG products, exporting an exceptional product range to businesses worldwide. Since 2016, our valued experience has led us to expand in over 10 countries, supplying international favourite products to clients in the retail industry. We help manage and promote leading brands across different markets, whilst offering our customers competitive pricing and a complete export service. Our knowledge in product labelling, compliance, logistics and freight, makes us the preferred choice for partners worldwide.

Delivering INDIAN brands TO THE WORLD
Since 2016, we have expanded worldwide to over 10 countries, with a customer base growing year on year to new and existing countries. Our experience allows us to supply direct to retailers, as well as working closely with local distributors to supply products across multiple outlets. With the capability to export to any country in the world via land, sea or air freight, our destinations are limitless.

Established with the intent to serve the Asian Community all over the world, specifically for those having a liking for Indian Foods & Flavours, Real India Foods Exports has been in the business of FOOD, SPICES, PULSES and GENERAL PROVISIONS since 2016. Over the last many years the firm has enjoyed substantial growth in many countries & promoting Indian Tastes Worldwide.

Our firm specializes in Exports of Branded Products, Products in Customer's brand, and customized consumer packaging. We specialize in stuffing of miscellaneous items in consolidated containers as per customers need. We specialize in consolidated (miscellaneous) items stuffing in a container as per customers need. We at Real India have strong faith that achieving entire customer satisfaction is the main path in success.To accomplishes this we always aim to work hard towards services and excellence in all spheres of our activities.