Red Chilli Pickle

Red chilli pickle recipe with step by step photos. The recipe is a Banarsi style stuffed red chilli pickle which tastes awesome. When I say awesome, I actually mean it. Its excellent with any Indian meal. You can have it with chapatis or rice or parathas. This lal mirch ka achar tastes too good.Summers is the time for making various pickles, preserves and sun drying veggies or papads. Usually I make a large batch of every summer. This year for a change I made some red chilli pickle.The pickle recipe and its method comes from my mother in law. During our trip this year to kashi (varanasi), we tasted the Banarasi red chilli pickle in the hotel where we stayed. It was very nice but spicy. When I asked my mom-in-law whether she knows the method on how the stuffed chilli pickle is made – she replied in affirmative and I quickly jotted down the method. When I came back, I wanted to try the recipe. Luckily got some fresh red chilies in the market. So got them and then made the pickle. Red Chili Pickle is a delightful way to spice up any meal. Indian meals are generally served with a variety of condiments, of which pickles are the most common. This one is a rather hot and spicy pickle, not for the timid palette by any means. Dip into this spicy banarasi speciality.Handpicked red chillies have been seasoned with spices to enhance the flavour of this exotic banarasi mix.

The secret of pickle making rests in crating exquisite masterpieces; elevating the raw flavours, textures, and colours of the ordinary ingredients into creations that remind of the great masters. Pioneers through centuries made us view our world in a quite different, much grander way with their sparkling visions and awe inspiring crafts; quite like us., waiting patiently for the pickle to age, for the carefully selected fruits and vegetables soaked in our inspiring recipes to turn into tongue tingling sensations. And every time you taste any of our creations, you know it’s only from the house of Add Me. Because every time it awakens in you in the same tingling urge for more! All that is left for you is to let your taste buds linger over the most savoured masterpieces in the world of pickle, Murabba or Chutneys from the house of Add Me. Thick red chilli pickle or Lal Mirch ka Achar is one of my all time preferred pickle. I can have it with just plain Parantha, Poori or simple Dal and Chawal. I cannot express my love for this pickle, if we have red chilli pickle available, then it will get consumed on highest priority. This may have to do with the combination of spices and thick red chilli, which makes this pickle amazingly flavorful and satisfying. My mother makes stuffed version of this pickle which also tastes amazing. However, I make my red chili pickle by slicing the chillies and trust me, this is one of the easiest and yummiest pickle you can make.


Stuffed Red Chili Pickle/ Laal Mirch ka bharwa achar is among the most popular and traditional pickles. It is also very popular as Banarasi or Patna Laal Mirch ka achar. During winter we get very good quality of red chilies for making pickles. This pickle is prepared by making a spicy tangy masala mix and then chilies are either slit lengthwise and then stuffed or the top crown is removed and then the spice mix is stuffed or pushed with the help of a small spoon. Try using mature red chilies for making this pickle . In India we get thick red chilies but here we can’t get that thick chili so I made with normal sized red chilies. If done properly this pickle easily stays for years or can say stays good till it last. The spices used are the same as we add in mango pickle just the ratio differs.