King Coffee

Selected from the best coffee beans of the famous region Buon Ma Thuot, in Vietnam, under the European state-of-theart technology & combined with the mysterious know-how of the East, we’ve created the 3in1 instant coffee KING COFFEE which is bold and delicious in taste and aroma, enabling you to be excited for a new day full of energy and maximize brain power to be successful in life. This Un-matched blend is made of 100% pure coffee, creating a unique flavour and leaves a very pleasant after taste. Ready to drink, very easy to use, instant gourmet, which can be consumed anytime, anyplace. Instructions of Use : Empty the entire contents of the sachet in an empty cup & add 80 ml. of boliling water. Still well and enjoy your cup of hapiness. Trung Nguyen Company is the leading Coffee Corporation founded in Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam in 1996. Within a short span of 20 years it has become a world famous coffee and conquered worldwide. Trung Nguyn Company coffee to more than 60 countries and territories all over the world, such as the US, Mainland China, South Korea, Thailand and many other developed countries.

King of Coffee is a rich medium dark arabica roast organic black coffee with the rare and delicate spores of the organic Ganoderma mushroom which are packed full with nutrients and antioxidants. We blend these tiny powerhouse spores into our bold, flavorful and rich organic arabica coffee to help boost and support your immune system. Each cup is packed with flavor and antioxidants.

  •  Certified organic arabica coffee.
  •  Contains rare organic Ganoderma lucidum spores powder, used for thousands of years for its immune benefits.
  •  Naturally contains antioxidants to help and defend your health.
  •  Portable and convenient to carry, for on the go instant coffee benefits.

King of Coffee is a medium dark roast arabica coffee beans from Brazil that mixes in an instant for a flavorful cup of coffee. This Organo™ black coffee contains organic Ganoderma lucidum spores powder for added health benefits with a hint of nutty flavor to balance the rich, bold and smooth flavor of this coffee.It’s the best organic coffee you’ll ever taste. the most popular coffee beans in the world. Organo™ uses a medium dark roast arabica coffee from Brazil. It’s an easy to mix instant black coffee that is bold and flavorful, which is a source of antioxidants, known for their health benefits.

Organic Ganoderma Spores – The Ganoderma mushroom is one of the oldest mushrooms to be used in Chinese herbalism, ranking close to ginseng for years of usage. It is one of the most researched mushrooms, partly because in Ganoderma there are substances called triterpenes. These are found in many foods and plants like honey, apples, and cranberries. There are 50 of these substances that are exclusively found in ganoderma mushrooms. When the Ganoderma lucidum mature, they release spores which are used for our Premium Organo King of Coffee.