Choley Rice

Our chefs take on North India’s favourite lunch – chole chawal or chickpeas in a spicy masala and add their own special twist to it. Served with delicious and rich cumin-flavoured rice tempered with ghee (clarified butter). To bring the dish together, we’re also adding in a crunchy and cooling cucumber salad to go. Serves. Make today's meal special with Punjabi style chickpeas cooked in silky smooth tomato and onion gravy. And steamed long grain basmati rice, lightly spiced with whole cumin seeds. Choley +Plain rice - Whole Chick Peas with Green Chillies and aromatic spices, cooked in a tangy tomato gravy. Along with Cumin flavored basmati rice. Enjoy the delicious Curry and Basmati Rice Special Combo Pack introduced to you by Fazlani Food. Pure Indian Recipe with Basmati Rice will make your day as good as our food. Whether you are a housewife, a working professional or a student, you would love the ease with which you can prepare delicious recipes with Fazlani's Ready to Eat mixes. Usage & Care Microwave Cooking: Tear/cut a 2cm opening at the top of the pouch. Microwave on high power for 2 minutes. Leave to stand for 30 seconds. Open with care & serve hot. Stove Cooking: Submerge the sealed pouch in boiling water. Boil for 3 - 5 minutes. Carefully remove from the water. Leave to stand for 30 seconds. Open with care & serve hot. Shelf Life: 18 Months. Purity Certificate: Gluten Free. GMO Free. Halal Certified. No Preservatives. No Additives. ISO 22000: 2005 Certified. BRC Certified. The Original Since 1976

Finding healthy recipes is easier than ever, with thousands of free recipes available online. With the growing media attention on overweight and obesity, people are becoming more concerned about their health and the health of their family and friends. This is especially true for pre-teens (9–12 year olds) and teens. At this age, children begin to assume more control over their eating habits, deciding what to eat at school, with friends, and at home. At the same time, they are becoming more self-conscious about their appearance. Developing healthy attitudes about eating and physical activity—especially among pre-teens and teens—requires good communication. It is important that children of this age begin to understand more about health and nutrition. Effective communication leads to better decision-making about the foods people choose to eat, as well as the activities in which they choose to engage.

For pre-teens and teens “healthy” eating doesn’t always seem like very much fun—and for adults, the sentiment is often the same. But a fun recipe that is full of healthy items can help bridge that communication gap. I bring you Chole Masala. Chole Masala or Chana Masala is a popular north Indian curry. Chole    goes well with puri, roti, naan or rice. To start, this recipe features the healthy and delicious chickpea. Chickpeas are naturally low in fat, high in dietary fiber, and rich in vitamins and minerals. Eating chickpeas regularly can help manage weight, boost intestinal health, and reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. You definitely want to keep them on your “digestive support” list—especially if you are focusing on the colon.