Punjabi Mini Thaali

It’s kind of fascinating that we Indians call our ladies an image of “Ma Annapurna ” . Annapurna from Sanskrit meaning the giver of food and nourishment , is the Hindu goddess of nourishment. Anna means “food”. Purna means “full, complete and perfect”. We’d love and prefer to eat so many dishes at one time made by her hands. That’s one of the reason we call our country “Incredible India”. I always wanted to do posts that include more than one dish or you can say different thali varieties.Today I put up all my efforts and made this first menu . From now on I will be posting an elaborate menu every fortnight or whenever I can do so , that can be served for lunch and dinner as well.So my dear friends be ready for some interesting virtual treats.Happy blogging to all!! There are a few famous locations in Mumbai for unlimited eating, but nothing beats this thali served at Mini Punjab Lakeside and Masaledaar By Mini Punjab. Watching Dara Singh wrestle was a feast for your eyes on the screen, but the thali is even better. It has Aaloo Paratha, Chur Chur De Naan, Makki Di Roti, Murg Musallam Rice, Lamb Yogurt Curry, Chicken Amritsari, and lots more. The accompaniments include 4 types of beverages, 3 chaat options, 1 soup, pickle, chutney and 7 desserts. Overall more than 40 items are served in this thali.

Mini Punjab resorted to one paid partnership with a globally famous food blogger, My Taste Test for their Dara Singh Thali. The attention received by the video back home and internationally, helped the restaurant get influencer and media coverage through earned media efforts. Mini Punjab started with just three dishes and is now serving over 100 dishes. The family business has grown in size and business with the third generation managing it all. They wanted to create a presence online that was unified and in line with the brand legacy and style. Dara Singh Thali is one of their premium offerings. Don’t be fooled by the name of the restaurant, it may be there’s nothing small or tiny about the Dara Singh Thali that they serve. With over 40 items on the thali that includes four beverages, do you think you can finish it? If you do, you don’t pay for it! Punjab is the most well known Indian state in the West for two reasons – it’s cuisine and it’s music. Bhangra has become very popular in recent years. There are even workout routines called the Masala Bhangra workout, as well as Bhangra beats being incorporated into Hip Hop and other American/British music forms.
Unless it is clearly identified as a South Indian restaurant, you cannot go to any general Indian restaurant in NY and not find Naan, Samosa & a variety of Paneer recipes. However, I also wanted to introduce some other Punjabi dishes that would be new to most or at least it was new to me like Pakora Kadhi.
They introduced Dara Singh Thali introducing flavours from the Northern Region of India. The region is synonymous with food and its thali is a lot like its people rich and full of life. They wanted to represent a cultural exploration on a plate that might be too large for even the biggest eaters! International influencers were invited to try the thali and share their experience on the social media platform. The active promotion aimed at building buzz and relationships with visiting patrons& potential audience globally. With an aim to reach out to a larger audience, the restaurant had a healthy mix of influencers consistently adding content before and during the launch of the iconic thali.