Tandoori Paneer

Steve and I have been on a serious pizza kick lately. In the last three weeks, I’ve made 4 pizzas from scratch, eaten countless frozen Trader Joe’s pizzas, been to Oggi’s twice for pizza and beer, had Round Table at my in-law’s and had Little Caesars for a lazy dinner. Wow! I’m a little shocked at my pizza consumption after seeing it all together in one sentence. This is what happens when I try to avoid cheese for a while! The reason why I’ve made so many pizzas from scratch is that I am obsessed with Jim Lahey’s no-knead pizza dough. Steve and I got his book, My Bread The Revolutionary No-Work, No-Knead Method as a wedding present last year and I’ve been making the breads and pizza’s from it all year. A couple weeks ago, we had tons of CSA produce that we weren’t really eating. It was starting to rot and I really needed to use it up. So I ended up whipping up a batch of this pizza dough and throwing everything from our CSA box onto it. Steve wasn’t so sure about a pizza with green beans on it. But it turned out fantastic! the most popular indian version of pizza recipe served with paneer tikka. the credit goes to the indian pizza hut menu which introduced it with the pizza hut inception in india. the other paneer variation in the pizza hut menu is peppy paneer pizza which is also hugely popular.

Tandoori Paneer (Cottage Cheese) Tikka Skillet Pizza Recipe is a fusion recipe which is combination of Indian tandoori paneer tikka with Italian pizza base. It is a new twist to the pizza which can be enjoyed for dinner or for lunch. The paneer in the pizza makes it healthy and tasty. “Indian pizza” when I was craving for a slice. In India veggie pizzas especially paneer pizzas are pretty common. Paneer as you might already know is Indian cottage cheese which is made by curdling the milk. It’s used in countless Indian recipes and if you ask any vegetarian in India his favorite vegetable, you are more than likely to hear “paneer” in response. It’s that popular and that delicious too. healthy individuals have Tandoori Paneer Tikkas? Yes, you can.
Full fat 
paneer is good fat so enjoy it. We all have that lover for pizza in us which craves and demands pizza every once in a while. A non vegetarian pizza or a vegetarian pizza, Hawaiian style pizza or a basic pepperoni pizza, our quest for the best is never ending. But, if you have not tried some of the best brands of pizzas that are there in India then you are betraying the pizza lover you are. Here in this post we have all the information that you require to try  some of the best pizza there is to try in this town: Domino’s is loved by everyone who has ever tasted their pizzas. You can locate their stores nearby and can even order pizzas from their huge variety online.