Mapro Jam - Mango

Mapro Mango Jam is moist and fragrant mangoes are a first-class source of dietary fiber, potassium and a number of vitamins. Get a head begin to your day with this delectable, fruit filled healthy jam, bursting with tropical kindness.
Sugar, Mango Pulp, Citric Acid (E-330), Pectin (E-440(i)) Contains Permitted Synthetic Food Colour (E-110) and Added Flavours-Natural, Nature Identical & Artificial Flavouring Substances. Contains Permitted Class II Preservatives (E-211).
Nutritional Facts
per 100* - Energy 267.00 Kcal, Total Sugar 68.00g, Carbohydrate 69.00g, Fat 00.05g, Protein 00.10g, Vitamin A 149.00 IU Vitamin C 05.00mg Sodium 24.00mg Potassium 31.00mg *approximate values.