Shakti Bhog Atta

Shakti bhog attahave turned into a master exporter and supplier of atta/flour. They prepare entire product range of flour by processing high grade wheat procured from leading vendors of market. Shatibhog atta has a fine texture which gives you soft chapattis. Shakti Bhog Atta is made from the choicest of wheat grains, selected after testing the grain size and purity .The wheat grains are carefully cleaned and ground using slow speed processors for retaining the natural taste, color and aroma. Shakt Bhog Atta consists of 100 percent whole wheat grains thus has high fibre content which is beneficial to our digesti ve function.The bread made from Shakti Bhog Whole wheat Atta is wholesome, nutritious and remain soft and tasty for long.

Shakti Bhog Atta has a longer shelf life and has no added flavor or preservatives. Free from impurities, Shakti Bhog Atta is high on nutritional value. Shakti Bhog Atta has all the goodness of nature and nutrients that are packed in whole grain wheat but there is no compromise with the taste. The chapattis made from Shakti Bhog Atta are soft and fluffy. We supply and export high-grade Shakti Bhog Atta. 


  • Shakti Bhog Atta is made from best quality grains.
  • Shakti Bhog Atta is carefully ground using modern 'chakki - grinding' to maintain the taste and nutritional value.
  • Shakti Bhog Atta contains 0% Maida and is 100% whole grain, which makes it a healthy choice.
  • The dough made from Shakti Bhog Atta absorbs more water. Hence, chapatti remains softer for longer.

Uses :

  • Used for making dough of bread and chapatti.
  • Used for making many savory Indian dishes like Halwa and Poodi.