Uttam Atta

Having a positive quality management system, we are involved in presenting a comprehensive compilation of Wheat Flour. Nature Fresh flour is made from the finest quality wheat grains. The brand ensures that the atta retains the natural dietary fibers that make the rotis easy to digest and provide optimum nutrition to the consumer. Chapati or roti is the most common and daily required food item in the majority of Indian families. Also known as flatbread, it an irreplaceable food item in any menu across any geographical dimensions of India. The major question that arises is how would one attain the perfect soft and fluffy roti? As we have spoken in earlier blogs, to get the perfect rotis is the selection of perfect atta. Specifically, Uttam atta! Natural Uttam atta is obtained from stone grinding the selected wheat grains. Milling and stone grinding are two the methods of how the wheat flour is obtained from the grain. The stone grinding method or the chakki method (the traditional name for stone grinding) has lots of advantages compared to the milling.

Traditional Stone Grinding Method

When the atta is made out of traditional stone grinding method, the major grain components which are endosperm, bran and germ remain intact. The reason behind that is; the speed of these stones while grinding is maintained compared to what happens at mills. When the speed is controlled, it emits the heat in a lesser proportion. Usually, millings have temperate ranging from 60ºC – 90ºC. Where in, in stone grinding is ranges from 40ºC-60ºC. This is the major reason for having the nutrients intact in the flour which is obtained, and specifically, it maintains the oil content of the grain which results in softer rotis. The process of industrial flour mills is that it breaks and separates the bran, wheat germ and produce white flour and then add them back to produce whole wheat flour. This process would allow the mingling of the endosperm and wheat germ oil.

The Fibrous texture of atta is also maintained when it is obtained by the stone grinding method. So, it is wholesome of the process of getting soft rotis for longer hours than just the process of making rotis from atta, rolling it and putting over gas. It is also how the main ingredient, “atta” is made!