Masoor Dal

Masoor Dal Exporters and Supplier from india which provide high-quality and authentic at low cost, where we are distributor and Super Stockist of Masoor Dal from india with free shipping & custom clearance. Masoor Dal is de-husked and split Brown Lentils. Very nutritious, especially rich in Iron, this Dal/Lentil is great-to-have in your Pantry. Like other lentils, red lentils too, are rich in Protein and Folate. It cooks fast like Arhar (Pigeon Peas Lentils) and other split Dals, which makes it perfect for busy weeknights. Dals contain elements such as phytate present in the shell that protects the seed in the wild environment. Phytate is an anti-nutrient because it reduces the availability of micronutrients and the digestibility of proteins. Soaking reduces these anti-nutrients and increases the availability of minerals and the digestibility of proteins.

Masoor dal is power-packed with nutrients and has immeasurable benefits. A mere cup of masoor dal has 230 calories, about 15 grams of dietary fibre and about 17 grams of proteins. Here are some other dietary and health benefits of masoor dal.

The benefits of masoor dal had been recognised in the centuries past and thus it has constituted as an important part of Indian cuisine. A mere cup of masoor dal has 230 calories, about 15 grams of dietary fibre and about 17 grams of proteins. There is no denying the fact that a bowl of masoor dal can fulfil the nutritional and dietary requirements of an entire meal. It has various positive impacts on one's health and body. When it comes to its preparation, it's quite easy-to-make and is also found to be the most delicious among all the lentils, owing to its tinge of sweetness. This inexpensive dal does not need much time to soak or cook. You can prepare it as per your own preference by adding various spices to it. Being abundantly rich in iron and protein, this dal is a perfect go-to option for vegetarians. Thus, owing to its various nutritional and dietary benefits, it must be included regularly in a vegetarian diet.

Here are some other dietary and health benefits of masoor dal:

  • Helps Stabilise Blood Sugar Level
  • Keeps The Heart Healthy by Lowering Cholesterol
  • Effective Remedy Against Weight Loss
  •  Anti-Ageing Properties
  • Nourishes Teeth and Bones 
  • Helpful In Maintaining A Healthy Vision
  • Beneficial For A Glowing And Radiating Skin 
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