Tata Salt

Chalk in salt. Water in milk. Colour on peas. The list is exhausting. The food we use every day, do we know what’s truly in it? These harmful additives can be detected. And it is up to each one of us to do so and keep adulteration at bay. Milavat hogi kam, jab jagruk honge hum. Here is a compilation of a few simple tests. Let’s join together in this journey of purity and say #MilavatBharatChodo. We are proud to say that Tata Salt had been ranked No. 2 among India's most trusted food brands. As on January, 2016, we have penetrated through 135 million households across the country month on month. We stand tall for a healthy nation. Hence, it's our constant endeavour to bring to you the healthiest salts that suits the requirement of every member of your family. Our range of salt products for you. India’s first national branded iodised salt is also known as the ‘Desh Ka Namak’. Every grain of Tata salt ensures purity and the right amount of iodine for mental development. Adequate amount of Iodine as prescribed by FSSAI for Iodised salt. Now ensure you and your loved ones get upto 50% of iron to remain Iron strong! All you need to do is add a spoonful of Tata Salt Plus to your everyday food. (10 gms of Tata Salt Plus). Tata Salt had been ranked No. 2 among India's most trusted food brands. As on January, 2016, we have penetrated through 135 million households across the country month on month. Over the last two decades, Tata Salt has lived up to its claim of being 'Desh Ka Namak'. The brand has managed to achieve these robust figures by consistently delivering health-aware products. The key to the brand's success lies in the superior product quality of Tata Salt. Is your Salt Pure enough? Salt is an irreplaceable ingredient in cooking. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that the salt you use is not impure or adulterated. Often, salt may seem to be pure if there are no particles or impurities that are immediately visible to the naked eye. However, this does not mean that the salt you are buying whether branded or loose, is 100-per cent pure. Every pack of Tata Salt comes with a promise of purity - a promise that is ensured through its vacuum-evaporation manufacturing process.

Tata Chemicals, which manufactures the Tata Salt brands, on Wednesday assured that its salt is "safe and harmless" for consumption. The company said that India is among countries like US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand that have permitted the use of potassium ferrocyanide in salt. The pioneer of salt iodisation in India, Tata Salt, holds the distinction of being India's first national branded iodised salt. It has been consistently recognised as one of the country's leading food brands.Today, Tata Salt continues to be a market leader in the salt category - a testament of the customer's enduring trust in the brand. Through products that aim to improve the nation’s health.

Did you relish that delicious dish that was served to you? Apart from the culinary skills of the person who made it, you should thank a major ingredient - salt. In India, salt has become synonymous to Tata 
Salt. Launched in 1983, Tata Salt or Tata namak as it is fondly called, was India’s first branded salt and has been a trusted partner in the Indian kitchens for over three decades. With the changing needs of the customers, Tata has added a host of different products such as Tata Salt Lite, Tata Salt Plus, and more to its collection of salt offerings. A balanced intake of salt in your diet plays an important role in keeping you healthy. You can log on to Flipkart to choose from a range of salt types from Tata at great prices. For health enthusiasts, Tata low sodium salt is a great option that can also be bought online. Tata and quality are synonymous in the world today. Tata Iodized Salt has been a staple in kitchens for generations now. This salt was first manufactured by Tata in a vacuum sealed pack, around the year 1983. Salt is one of the most important ingredients we use in food and cooking. It is a good method for food fortification and it also adds taste and flavour to any dish. Tata Salt Lite is a low sodium, vacuum evaporated iodised salt. Low sodium helps manage blood pressure. Iodine helps in mental development of children and prevents iodine deficiency disorders in adults, Vacuum evaporation ensures that Tata Salt has no.