Am sure many of you would have come across uninvited guests or surprise visitors and most of the time you would not have had anything to serve them or you might have been left blank without any idea of what to do. For such cases here comes a savior, a handy, yummy and simple kheer recipe. This will be your time-saver and will definitely earn you many praises. Wheat flour, milk, some nuts and five minutes are enough to make an instant and yummilicious payasam. Tastes too good and no one will believe that you have made this payasam with wheat flour. Try this its too simple to make, so delicious and is equally healthy too. You can feed fussy toddlers and kids with this yummy kheer, they'll love it. I have used rose essence here you can add vanilla essence instead according to your wish and availability of ingredients. Amaze your guests, family and friends with this tasty and easy kheer recipe. Come lets see whats required and how to make this delicious instant kheer. Give tummy full foods for better sleep. Also give warm milk before bedtime. Night dinner food and milk will keep tummy will have a peaceful sleep and you can also have a good sleep.

When it comes to dessert, most of us want it hot, and of course, sweet, so that it can warm both, our bellies and also heart. But it happens to the best of us - despite craving something sweet, the very thought of turning on the oven may feel like a struggle. When that happens, easy no-bake desserts could be life-savers. After all, sometimes, the best after-dinner indulgences are the ones you’ve made in a jiffy, using minimal ingredients. Yes, we’re talking about the humble kheer or as our western counterparts would like to call it – the ever so versatile, rice pudding. Unlike the classic ones found on almost every restaurant menus – mava pudding or bread pudding, kheer has none of the pitted egginess of most baked puddings, and best, doesn’t slump in a treat like a bitingly sweet cafeteria comeback either. Instead, what you get is meltingly soft individually flavoured grains swimming in a chilled or warm (as you like it) custard base, topped with the goodness of nuts and fruits - light, impossibly rich, and just oh-so irresistible.