Pril Perfect Lime Dishwash Liquid

Pril Perfect Lime Dishwash Liquid 750 ml Remove the toughest of grease and stains from utensils easily and conveniently by Pril Perfect Lime Dishwash Liquid. The triple action formula eradicates the tough grease and grime from the soiled utensils. It kills all the germs and bacteria and removes residual food odour effectively. The one-stop solution for all those greasy utensils! So go ahead and buy this product online today!

Features & Details

  • Non messy and gentle on the skin
  • Leaves utensils sparkling clean
  • It provides you holistic protection as it easily cleans grease and residual odour leaving your utensils clean and fresh.
  • It is effective against tough and stubborn stains, grease.