detergent powder

Presenting new Rin Powder - with the promise of whiter and brighter clothes so that you can dress to progress! As you stride forward on your journey through life, Rin gives you the confidence to shine, all day, every day. With its superior technology, this detergent powder brightens your whites and coloured clothes. Rin detergent powder breathes life back into your whites and coloured clothes so that they shine like new. It dissolves quickly in water, targets and gets rid of the toughest of dirt without leaving any residue on your fabrics. It also has a fragrance which ensures your clothes smell fresh and make you feel refreshed all day. With Rin by your side, let your confidence shine as bright as your clothes do! Rin detergent powder works equally well for bucket wash and machine wash, to give you the brightest results. Available in different pack sizes, Rin detergent powder is here to help you achieve the all-around cleanliness your clothes need!
How to Use

1. Add up to 1 scoop (35 gms) of Rin powder in a bucket (10 litres) of water.

2. Mix the solution for about 15 – 30 second

3. Separate your white garments from your colour on.

4. Soak your white garments and coloured garments in separate wash liquors for about 30 min

5. Gently rub the cuffs and collar/ stained portion of the garment.

6. Rinse the garments in water 2 – 3 time

7. Squeeze excess water and dr

Tip: Before the main wash, use Rin Ala for your white garments like shirts, vests, etc.