BB Home Spin Mop Bucket

Mopping your house just became easier with this magic mop. The BB Home spin mopping system helps you to thoroughly clean your floors with minimal effort. The mop head features 100% polyester fibres which absorb high volumes of liquid at a fast pace, leaving behind spotless surfaces. Simply adjust its height to a comfortable position and rotate the 360-degree mop handle to suit your requirement for efficient cleaning experience. Made of high-grade plastic, it is light, durable and easy to use.

Benefits: This mop has extra-absorbent microfibers with a 360-degree spinner.  Now cleaning your house is an easy job with this advanced mop. It comes in various colour.

Bucket Material is made of plastic (PP-Polypropylene), Mop Stick Material is made of Stainless steel with plastic joints for better grip and Mop Head Material is made of plastic with microfiber thick threads for superior cleaning and better absorption of water