Kohinoor rice

This basmati rice from kohinoor is not worth buying. The essence of basmati rice is gone once you cook it. No flavor, no taste, no value for money. It tastes no different than a plain ordinary rice, which is far better, as you will not pay this much amount. We recommend Kohinoor Extra Flavour basmati for any pilau recipes you choose to make. The extra flavour basmati will add to the aromas of your pilau. Our Extra Long Basmati however, is better for a biryani. This is because the extra long is a more robust grain, therefore, is better for cooking for a long time. Fine rice but could be better! For basmati the flavour and the length is a little falling. For good Biryani, always use best basmati rice, half the battle is won. This one has longest grain I have seen after cooking.

One of India’s finest, Kohinoor Traditional Authentic Basmati Rice has been cultivated in the foothills of the Himalayas, and then naturally aged with care for two years in paddy. Each extra-long rice grain of this aromatic basmati delivers an aromatic nutty flavor to enrich the taste of dishes and make every occasion exclusive and memorable. Ideal for biryani, pulao and steamed jeera rice, these premium rice grains are naturally curated & nurtured with utmost care, so its ultimate traditional flavour and aroma add to the authentic taste of your festive dishes. We at Kohinoor, go the extra mile to give you the best - from selecting the fields through a scientific approach to choosing the finest rice grains - we pursue excellence at every step. After all, Kohinoor is committed to the tradition of brining the most authentic meals to your table. Kohinoor Basmati Rice invites connoisseurs like you to indulge in the magnificent experience and make every mealtime moment truly special.

McCormick & Co. Inc. manufactures, markets and distributes spices, seasoning mixes, condiments and other flavorful food products to retailers, food manufacturers and food service businesses. In India, McCormick operates through its 100% subsidiary Kohinoor Speciality Foods India Pvt. Ltd. Our brand Kohinoor is a trusted packaged foods brand with more than four decades of heritage in Branded Basmati Rice. We are a vibrant foods company with a range of products in Rice & Spices, Sauces & Condiments and other growing food categories.