Vegetable Masala

Product information provided by the seller on the Website is not exhaustive, please read the label on the physical product carefully for complete information provided by the manufacturer. For additional information, please contact the manufacturer. Eastern vegetable masala is a perfect blend of quality spices and condiments to make savory, nourishing vegetable curries. Masala is a combination of authentic spices which can be used for the preparation of daily Indian curries or vegetable mixes. It contains a blend of spices which gives good flavor and aroma to the dish that has lots of vegetables. This is a spice blend used for the daily mixed vegetables which can be had with naan, chapatti of roti. Spice Platter Sabji Masala: Sabji masala is blended keeping in mind the vegetable dishes that are prepared in Indian culture in our homes daily. It can give a tempting, irresistible but subtle taste to the dishes. It is a blend of cumin seeds, coriander, red chili, bay leaves, turmeric, fenugreek, long pepper, black pepper, cloves, cardamom, salt, etc. It adds distinctive aroma and taste to the dish. Masala Powder is obtained by mixing of several grinded spices. It has a subtle blend of spices specially combined to enhance the taste of vegetable dishes. Catch Sabzi Masala is all about the subtle and balanced flavor and aroma of exotic spices. These spices are handpicked to turn any vegetable dish into a tasty treat. Spices as per the definition of Oxford Dictionary are the strongly flavored or aromatic substances of vegetable origin obtained from tropical plants. But this is not entirely correct.

Garam masala powder is a proportional mix of these spices which are all from Indian origin.When this blend of spices goes less or more it messes up the garam masala recipe.Consequently, experience is an essential requirement to prepare these.  We at Sitara have experts who prepare the ideal Garam Masala Powder and you need not ponder over on where to buy garam masala?  Buy online our Home made garam masala powder and get aided in your kitchen with our secret genie. Each one of the spices contributes from their side to the hot and spicy garam masala.
Let’s see what we get on the whole:

  • Cumin seeds which are added to this aid in digestion and has a rich source of iron content.
  • Coriander seeds help in tackling diabetes, gives you a beautiful skin and also facilitates hair growth. 
  • Cinnamon helps in anti-inflammation of your body cells and is loaded with antioxidants cutting risk of heart diseases too.
  • Cloves help to remove dark circles around your eyes and vanishes your bad breath.  It increases aroma in the powder.  It also promotes bone health and reduces stomach ulcers.
  • Cardamoms have diuretic properties and helps in lowering blood pressure.
  • Dry ginger added to garam masala helps in digestion of any food you eat with this yummy masala in excess quantities even without your knowledge.
  • Black Pepper keeps you away from cold and keeps you completely free from any allergies.