Green chilli sauce

chilli sauce is an inherent element of Indo-Chinese food culture. It is a hot condiment made primarily with freshly chopped green chillies and flavoured with vinegar and a dash of garlic. Green chilli sauce is so versatile that it can be used as a flavourful seasoning for noodles, a spicy dip for your crisps and a savoury spread for your sandwich. Bottles of green chilli sauce are easily available in the market, but the number of preservatives and additives they pack might shock you. Spicy means very very ‘hot’, Green Chili Sauce. We don’t use this in our daily cooking though. But this is the best method to preserve the chili’s when you have many of them. Chili Sauce is also an important ingredient in most of our Indo-Chinese recipes. I used the chili plucked fresh from our vegetable garden to make the sauce. And unfortunately I don’t know the name of the chili I used. But I guess green chili sauce can be made with any chili. Anyway in the below picture you can see the chili I used.

Indians are true lovers of spicy food. Thus, add natural spiciness to your meals with an exotic bouquet of flavor and aroma of Green Chilli Sauce. This culinary sauce added during the preparation of dishes makes them extraordinary. It is made from 100% fresh ingredients and is full of goodness that keeps you healthy too. Rich with green chilli puree, this spicy green Chinese sauce is a great way to make your noodles & fried rice more tempting. Use it as a dip for your evening snacks or as a cooking sauce for all your oriental preparations. Packs: Glass Bottle – 190 g

The classic and spicy green chili sauce is a favorite amongst Indians who desire a spicier palette. Commonly served with foods like chaats, vada pav, pakodas, cutlets, samosas and kachoris, our spicy and delicious sauce is made from the freshest green chilies. Just a dab of our favorite Green Chili Sauce onto your dish can liven up your taste buds and add some heat to any snacky dish. Made from fresh green chili pulp, spices and condiments and natural preservatives, our excellent packaging methods ensure that your favorite spicy sauce remains exactly that for a long, long time.

Ching's presents a lip-smacking range of products for cooking up the most mesmerizing Chinese dishes. This Green Chilly Sauce comes in a handy glass bottle that is easy to store and contains sugar, fresh green chillies, and ginger. It is made from natural ingredients that spruce up the taste of your dish. You can add chopped onions, pepper, and green peas to make your dish more interesting.