Knorr soup

A bowl of piping hot soup is one of the favorite choices to keep you warm in winter. There is a variety of ready to prepare soups available in the market today. One of those kinds comes from Unilever, a name which can be seen in the majority of the kitchens... Knorr! As I see all the flavors/types of Knorr soups, I wonder - whether it is health or just taste... Let us dig into the health part of this soup bowl... Spicy and pungent, this traditional Chinese soup is flavoured with large amounts of red and green chillies, soya sauce and vinegar. A pinch of sugar cuts the acidity just enough to make this soup scrumptious and satisfying. To make this soup more flavourful, add vegetables like mushrooms and bamboo shooot.

What's in our Hot & Sour Veg Soup?

1) Made with 100% real vegetables 2) Contains no added preservatives 3) Ready to eat in 3 simple steps 4) Serves 4 5) Goes well with: Knorr Chinese Schezuan & Knorr Chinese Hakka Noodles/Fried Rice 6) Chef's Tip: Add a spoon of fried garlic to the boiling soup and garnish with chopped spring onions

The process of dehydrating can significantly reduce the nutritional content of vegetables. The nutrients which are mainly affected during this process are vitamin A and C, as well as certain B complex vitamins. Homemade Soup: Contain fresh vegetables and no added preservatives or acidity regulators.

It will not only say "100% Real and Fresh Vegetables and Chicken" but also, "No added emulsifiers, No added flavor enhancers, No added acidity regulators". Nutrition: Knorr Soup: How much nutrition do you get from those dried vegetables? Hence, homemade soups are really healthy than commercial ones.