Treo Cube Storage Glass Jar

These square-shaped jars from Treo by Milton allow you to store any item for kitchen use. This transparent jar from Treo by Milton offers you a direct and unobstructed view of what it holds inside. The clarity of the glass makes it look appealing as well. The unique square shape of the compact jar allows you to store it conveniently on any shelf without wasting any space. You can easily pack multiple units on a single shelf to utilise every corner. The threaded lid allows a secure closure that is resistant to leakage. The steel-finish framing around the lid offers a classy look. These jars from Treo by Milton sport a unique lid design that has a see-through top. This functional design allows one to view the content of the jar from above. These airtight, leak-proof jars allow you to store all your kitchen items safely. These jars are ideal for storing spices, nuts, pickles, and more. The glass surface can easily be labelled with a sticker.